Hey, I’m Ella. I’m a cinematographer. Cinematography has helped me to see infinity. 


Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects and with people who I deeply admire. And to bring to life a style which reflects very much who I am at core, as well as how I see this world. 

I’ve also found myself attached to projects which I deeply believe in.


My passion for cinematography is rooted in my desire to help share amazing stories and concepts, as well as to pair them with deeply emotional and unique visuals. 


I’ve found that I love supporting projects to become the most they can be. 


And alongside my cinematography work, I’m also a creator and producer at www.theatlasofconsciousness.com


If you’re here cause you’re reaching for infinity also, hit me up anytime. I look forward to connecting with you and building some great stories together. 


+614 229 859 79